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Kapusta Excavating serves as a leading contractor in the Lamoille, Washington and Chittenden county areas. We’re a team of experienced professionals  who tackle everything from complex large projects to smaller scale jobs.   Fueled by our commitment to providing clients with excellence at a fair price, we go the extra mile to make sure clients are completely satisfied with our work. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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Honesty, Quality Work, Great Rates

Building and maintaining property in Vermont requires expertise to navigate the unique climate and terrain.  Kapusta Excavating offers the best talent and equipment that you can hire.  Decades of experience in the excavation business has not only honed our trade skills, but also see  the good, the bad and the ugly in excavation work and business practices. 


We build our business by treating customers with integrity, honesty and respect.   


When we founded Kapusta Excavating, we knew that honesty and integrity would always be our top priority.  Core to that is our business model.   As a slogan, we say ...

"We don't need to make a killing, we just need to earn an honest day's work".   


Those aren't just words that we say.  We put that mantra into action.  At the start of a project, during the estimation phase, we will identify areas for potential cost savings.  As we progress into the project, we will actively look to reduce the cost of the project without sacrificing quality and pass those savings directly on to you.   


An Example:  Price and cost savings of fill materials.  


The cost of the fill materials is a combination of material fee (typically priced per square yard) plus the trucking fee to transport the material from the vendor to the site.  These costs can really add up, especially if the source of the material is located a long distance from the project. 


So, let's say that we have two active projects in the same neighborhood. 


  1. Project A : Site preparation for a new building and requires lots of fill material to be added

  2. Project B : Development of a new pond, requiring lots of fill material to be removed.  

Utilizing the fill material from Project_A at Project_B could result in a huge cost savings  by ....

  1. Reducing the dump truck expense to transport fill from a more distant source 

  2. Trucking the material once to serve both projects

  3. Eliminating the cost actual cost of the fill material (it's free, as a by-product from the pond project)

But many contractors will take the cost savings as a way to increase their profits, charging both clients a full fee for trucking the material AND charging Client_A a price per yard for the material.  Some contractors using a firm fixed price bid, will build in a trucking fee that is based on the longer distance to a typical fill material supplier rather than the shorter distance of the neighboring project.  


Kapusta Excavation takes a different approach.  We transparently identify the cost saving to the clients and pass those savings directly on to both Clients.  The clients enjoy a reduced (shared) expense for trucking the material between the neighboring sites and there's no per yard fee for the material.  

This example is not hypothetical, it plays out every day with various materials; boulders, timber, sand, gravel, and many other things, that one client needs to add and another clients needs to remove.  We carefully consider logistics of all active and pending projects to find areas where we can pass cost savings on to you. It's our way of doing business and  in line with our core belief : Treat customers with honesty, integrity and respect.       

"We don't need to make a killing, we just need to earn an honest day's work."   

Areas Served

Areas we Serve

Stowe, Waterbury, Montpelier, Morristown,  Cabot, Barre, Richmond

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Quality Service = Outstanding Results

It's incredible to watch the skill, precision and efficiency of Jim Kapusta at the controls.   

Glenn Perry

We didn't think we could afford to fix our dam and save our pond, but Kapusta went above and beyond to fix and enhance our dam for a fraction of what others estimated. 

Dave Traczak

Kapusta transformed our rough terrain into an oasis in just a few days.   If there are 'hands of a surgeon' in excavating, it's certainly Jim Kapusta.   Absolutely beautiful work!!

Dawn Archambault

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